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When you concentrate on your inhale or exhale in a yoga posture, or on the sounds of a mantra in meditation, you are fully in the here and now. It’s only by slowing down that you can observe things as they really are, including yourself. Being in the now is hard work, but it also helps to give you some detachment and perspective on the dramas of your daily work and life.

‘I would be interested in seeing studies conducted on the physical and psychological well-being of anyone trying to start up a company,’ says Poikos CEO Nell Watson. ‘It’s easy to lose your grip on stuff, physically and mentally. Yoga is a powerful way of re-centering oneself and putting oneself back in the body and also in the current situation that you are in and not in the situation that you are worrying about.’”

Why coders need yoga

I need to find some Yoga classes in the city and fast!

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