thinking outloud

Imagine you are in a taxi and the driver suddenly turns violently and speeds towards a wall, tyres screeching, only to stop at the very last moment, inches from the bricks—and cheerfully informs you that he wants to do the same to you in three months time. Would you be grateful that he has not killed you? Or would you wonder why you chose his cab in the first place?

The Economist on the fiscal deal in Washington from ”Worse than Europe, really" (Oct 19, 2013)

The Talk

He said, he wasn’t ready
That this might be a mistake

He said, wasn’t in his vocabulary
That it might never be

He said, should be friends
That he didn’t want to lose

I said, I think you already have

cartoon rugs, Dan Golden Studio

To be victorious, you must find glory in the little things.

Janelle Monáe, “Victory

Being lonely is like being poor. I mean people… can’t take too much of it. They… wanna walk around you or get away, because, y’know, they know… you’re gonna ask for something.

Joe Frank

Am I about dollars or about change?

J. Cole, “Miss America”

I ain’t bad as that nigga plus dawg I’m a grown man now
I ain’t mad at that nigga
But if a plane crashed and it only killed his lame ass
I’d be glad it’s that nigga, nigga

J. Cole, “Rich Niggaz”


"Mini Hex Hoops" in brass and white brass, from Eleven44.

She says she loves me
Because she’s afraid to admit
That I am evil
See she’s afraid to admit
That I hurt her
And see if she admit it
She would have to admit
That she has made another daggone mistake

Like having four children by four different men
Or by being 30 years old and not able to read
So instead of admitting that she has made another mistake
She stays with me
She says she loves me
And I don’t know about love

See I was born in an orphanage where the people around me
All they wanted to do
Was get away
So when she says she loves me
I feel something
That I can’t explain
That I cannot name
So when she says she loves me
I say I love you too

from Lamont Carey, “She Says She Loves Me”

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